• Upcomming Congresses: 2017 – Leuven, 2019 – Basel, 2021 – Liverpool

    Upcomming congresses: 2017 - Leuven, 2019 - Basel, 2021 - Liverpool

  • 2015 ESDPPP Congress, Belgrade, Serbia 2

    2015 ESDPPP Congress, Belgrade, Serbia

    The last congress was in Belgrade Serbia, June 23rd-26th 2015.

  • 2013 ESDPPP Congress, Salzburg, Austria 1

    ESDPPP 2013 Congress, Salzburg, Austria

    The ESDPPP congress in Salzburg was held on June 4th - 7th 2013

  • 2013 ESDPPP Congress, Salzburg, Austria 2


    Novel Targets and Future Challenges for Drug Therapy

ESDPPP - European Society for Developmental Perinatal and Pediatric Pharmacology

ESDPPP is a voluntary, non-profit association representing the interests of paediatric pharmacologists around the world.

Based in Leuven, Belgium, ESDPPP promotes research in developmental perinatal and paediatric pharmacology and offers a forum for dialogue between pharmacologists, clinicians, and scientists interested in the effect of medicines on the developing fetus, infant, and child.

We aim to improve medicines for children and advance research and global access to paediatric medicines. We also advocate politically for the continued development of safe, evidence-based medications for children. In this respect, ESDPPP works closely with European Medicines Agency (EMA), International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

The ESDPPP celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2013. This milestone provides an important opportunity to celebrate ESDPPP’s achievements to date and to describe our future aspirations and ambitions on behalf of millions of paediatric patients worldwide. Read more…

We are looking forward to our congress in Leuven in 2017. The following congresses will be held in Basel (2019) and in Liverpool (2021). We are welcoming your ideas and suggestions for these events.


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ADC Journal

The official journal of the ESDPPP is the leading paediatric journal Archives of Disease in Childhood. It contains a Drug Therapy section which is published every 3 months. Read more.

2013 Salzburg

In 2013 the bi-annual ESDPPP congress was held in Salzburg, Austria. Read the abstractbook. Learn more about the organizing group.

2015 Belgrade

The 2015 congress was held in Belgrade, Serbia. Read the abstractbook.

ESDPPP 25 Years

In 2013 ESDPPP celebrated its 25th anniversary. Read more about the develop- ments of the past quarter century in a special IUPHAR report.


ESDPPP is associated with a range of organizations like EMEA, IUHAR and WHO. Soon you can read more about projects, initiatives and conferences,