IUPHAR is responding to the current crisis by coordinating pharmacological resources worldwide, particularly the responses of the pharmacological community. Although to date most pharmacological studies regarding COVID-19 are limited to adults, we believe that in part it may be relevant for pediatric pharmacologists as well.

Download IUPHAR's response to COVID-19 here
IUPHAR Response to COVID v5MS.pdf
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Key documents can be found on the  following websites:

  • Responses of the pharmacological community as well as information about COVID-19 research. This information will be continuously updated:  

  • Pharmacological considerations regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic from the IUPHAR Clinical Division:

  • Information about drugs being currently proposed or assessed for treatment:

  • An article on drug testing against SARS-CoV-2 is available in preprint for comments on Authorea "A rational roadmap for SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 pharmacotherapeutic research and development":

Pediatric-pharmacological COVID-19 research

If you are involved in any pediatric-pharmacological COVID-19 research, please let us know at . We would be pleased to share the information via our website and our Linked-In channel.