Young ESDPPP Community



During our conference in Liverpool 2022 a Young ESDPPP society emerged. This community of PhD students, postdocs, young researchers and new healthcare professionals cultivates informal, lively, scientific exchanges by monthly online meetings. The focus is set on gaining insights into other PhD projects with fruitful discussions, brainstorming and shared problem-solving. Furthermore, well-founded specialized knowledge is guaranteed by regularly invited speakers. 


Young ESDPPP provides a possibility of mutual assistance and novel collaborations in the fields of paediatric pharmacology with the possibility to make joint considerations on how ESDPPP can be strengthened and further developed.



"Give young people a greater voice. They are the future, and they are much wiser than we give them credit for."  

-Desmond Tuto



Gain Expertise!


Acquiring expertise by regularly invited international speakers with specialized, profound knowledge in the fields of paediatric pharmacology

Make Collabs!

Gain insights into other research projects with shared problem solving, possibilities for novel collaborations and fruitful discussions. 

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