When: November 16 2020; 05:00 PM - 6:00 PM CET

Who: Prof Saskia N. de Wildt; Laurens Verscheijden, MSc; Miriam G. Mooij, MD, PhD


The webinar is free of charge

Learning points:

  • Paediatric drug therapy: which drugs and how did this evolve over time.
  • How model-based doses can support optimal dosing in children.
  • Pragmatic approach to collect PK and PD data in the real-world clinical setting

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Title: The rocky ride of pharmacotherapy in paediatric COVID-19

Prof Saskia N. de Wildt
Radboud University Medical Center and Erasmus University Medical Center

Title: Chloroquine dosing recommendations for paediatric COVID-19 supported by modeling and simulation.

Laurens Verscheijden, MSc
Radboud University Medical Center

Title: COVID-19 in Paediatric Patients (COPP): a Dutch national study

Miriam G. Mooij, MD, PhD
Leiden University Medical Center


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